• Olga Radionova
Keywords: event sphere, event agency, personnel, private employment agency, personnel leasing, personnel outsourcing


The modern forms of the organization of labor activity in the event sphere are considered in the article. The attraction of the personnel of the appropriate professional level is carried out through the use of services of private employment agencies. The work of private recruitment agencies as intermediaries between the event agency and the employee is determined. A private agency selects an employee of the appropriate qualification, conducts interviews, tests, develops job descriptions, etc. And then transfers the right to use the workforce of the employee's to event agency that already uses the employee's professional abilities, and for that he pays his wages, bonuses, etc.

The use of borrowed labor, which is realized through leasing (both short-term and long-term), and outsourcing of personnel is explored. The activities of the leasing recruitment agency include the search, training, advanced training and recruitment of employees to their staff, and subsequently their transfer to the customer - event  agency for a certain time to perform the work specified in the contract. Such trilateral labor relations are regulated by: a civil-law contract between a private recruitment agency and an enterprise-customer; an employment contract (contract) between a private agency and an employee; an implicit contract between an enterprise-customer and an employee borrowed.

Outsourcing of personnel is the transfer of an event by the agency on the basis of a civil transaction of its non-core functions to the service of another external company specializing in the relevant field. In this case, the event agency buys the service, rather than the labor of specific employees. But the service is bought regularly, and the agency's employees work on the territory of the client organization (event-agency), using  production assets in its interests. The use of modern forms of work organization of the staff makes it possible for event agencies, to organize the event qualitatively and professionally, to increase the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole, and, thereby, to increase the company's competitive advantages in the industry's events.

Economics, management of sectors and enterprises