• Svitlana Levytska
Keywords: subjects, economic activity, accounting, creative accounting, management accounting, organization of accounting, financial accounting, accounting and analytical support


The article is devoted to the organization of accounting of economic activity for domestic entities. The purpose of the study is to identify and justify the conceptual foundations of the organization of an integrated accounting system for legal entities. Practical approaches studied accounting, disclose the principles of harmonization and unification of accounting data on methodological, technological and managerial accounting levels and analytical support of the financial results. Within the range of standard and practical regulations, sustainable activity should be analyzed on:

  • micro level, i.e directly on the business activity level;
  • meso level – within the regional social and economic development;

macro level – in the context of governmental programs on its implementation.

Sustainable business activity implies complex equilibrium of three constituents: positive dynamics of economic indexes (economic constituent); social security (social constituent); environmental safety of operational activity (ecological constituent) .

Based approaches harmonization of methods of accounting subsystems. Grounded additions to the structure of the subject's accounting policy with regard to administration of the stages of preparation of the financial statements. The proposals will allow while optimizing volume credentials extend the range of their information in accordance with the target request to the manager.

Information base of sustainable activity for Ukrainian enterprises is presented by the integrated system of business accounting that includes accounting, statistical accounting, managerial accounting, tax and budget settlements accounting. Nowadays accounting and financial statements data is not sufficient source of information anymore when it comes to making strategic or operational managerial decisions: the advantages of management accounting are not properly regulated in legislation; methodical basics of (internal) accounting should be further harmonized  with settlements of budgetary payments accounting. The need to expand sustainable activity indexes in the forms of financial accounting for Ukrainian business is obvious. Thus, implementation of integrated accounting reporting becomes important.  This system is not stipulated by the limitations of a certain accounting system, it can provide full information resulting from economic justification of social and ecological constituents’ provision in business activities.

Creative accounting - creative approaches in the accounting, which requires accountants to administer the facts of economic activity and the rules for their grouping and registration, based on the interests of management, but providing a regulatory framework for the formation of reporting information.