• Nadia Fisunenko
Keywords: investment resources, demand, supply, indicators, industry, building, market


Ukraine is constantly working on its investment attractiveness for national and foreign investors. To support this status investment passport of the country and its regions has been formed and is improved every year. Investment attractiveness of regions and branches is analyzed in the investment passport. According to this document the major industries for investment determined by experts are: agricultural production, machine building and metal working, construction and food industry. Therefore, investment in construction development will stimulate development of the national economy, formation of investment environment and investment resources market of construction industry.

While investigating investment resources market in construction industry it was determined that analysis must be formed with its major elements (demand and supply) that enables to make conclusions about its conditions and prospects of its development. Demand in the investment resources market in construction industry is need of economic entities in investment resources (means and objects of production), skilled labor force, business initiative, that can be conditionally formed with existing solvents needs of enterprises in means and objects of labor. Manufacturers of all existing and potential investment resources, including the ones of foreign origin, that are involved or can be involved in investment process, form supply.

The market was analyzed by major types of economic resources, among them material, material, financial, labor, scientific and innovative resources. Key indicators that characterize demand and supply in the market are researched.

As the result of the research it was determined the demand for fixed assets as main material resources (due to high wear rate), scientific developments, capital investment, business financing that must be satisfied by mobilizing all investment resources and services in the investment resources market in construction industry despite financial restrictions (low level of foreign investment supply, low level of gross savings and lack of labor force (reducing number of employees). This provides continuity of social reproduction and formation of integrated economic system that will allow to assess functioning of market efficiency and forecast prospects of its development.