• Olena Stashchuk
Keywords: indicator approach, evaluation indicators, financial security, joint-stock companies, scientific and methodical approach


The article stipulates that the effective financial management of corporate structures and the development of adequate financial policy, is essential for evaluation of the state of their financial security. The article features an overview of current scientific opinion on the use of tracer approach in the assessment of the financial security and forming conclusions about the feasibility of their implementation in practice of the evaluation of the financial security of corporate structures. The author conducted a critical analysis of existing scientific approaches to the use of tracer methods in the assessment of the financial security corporations.

The main advantages and disadvantages of the indicator approach to assessing the financial security of corporate structures are formulated. In particular, the benefits of such an approach are: taking into account the entire range of financial activities of joint stock companies; possibility to change the set of indicators depending on the form of management of the enterprise; the easiest to use and does not require special skills; assistance in the rapid monitoring of negative trends in the activities of the joint-stock company; It allows to distinguish not only the threats, but also the dominant financial security of enterprises. The disadvantages are proposed to recognize: cumbersome calculations, since it requires definition of a large set of indicators; reflects the state of financial security in the past period; Normative values ​​of indicators do not always take into account changes in the financial environment; does not take into account the branch of activity and the organizational-legal form of management; does not allow to distinguish external factors of financial safety of joint-stock companies.

It is proved that the use of the indicator method for assessing the financial security of corporate structures is possible provided that the indicators of the stock activity of economic entities are taken into account, and their threshold values ​​are determined depending on the field of activity of the joint-stock company. It is determined that the selected indicators should meet such requirements as: accessibility to interpretation and calculation; the possibility of their ranking on the ranges of the state of financial security of the joint-stock company; should be the most relevant to determine the state of financial security of corporate structures; use for calculating real reporting information; efficiency of calculation and detection of threats; systematic selection of indicators and reflection of all aspects of financial activity of a joint-stock company; possibility to trace the tendencies of financial security of economic entities; the suitability of using them as a basis for forecasting the future state of financial security.