• Oksana Sobkevych National Institute for Strategic Studies
Keywords: maritime complex, sustainable development, small cities, regional politics, seashore territories, economic security.


Sustainable development of Ukrainian small cities is an inherent part of regional politics and a factor of strengthening the state economic security due to a revitalization of resource, investment-innovative, ecological and social potential of small cities. Such revitalization facilitates an equalization of regional territorial-spatial development disproportions and promotes strengthening of integrative, cultural, business, trade, transport, communication and other ties within a country. The role of involving the maritime complex resources in this process is substantial. Developing and effectively utilizing the potential of the maritime’s complex functional elements is capable of providing an impulse to the development of seashore territories (which, in many ways, are regarded as, so-called, depressive regions), creating positive synergetic effects for the entire country due to the increase of living standards throughout the seashore regions, a revitalization of tourism and stimulation of entrepreneurship, etc. The importance of determining and scientifically substantiating maritime complex development directions, including those in the context of sustained regional development, is further emphasized with the development of a new Maritime doctrine of Ukraine for the period of up to 2035. The necessity of its implementation is designated by the new Strategy of national security of Ukraine, that was accepted by the Presidential Decree № 287/2015 on May, 26, 2015.

The aim of the article is to determine the priority development directions for the Ukrainian maritime complex in order to facilitate sustainable development of small cities and to strengthen state economic security, based on an analysis of existing potential of its main components.

The article analyzes the main development tendencies in the maritime complex in the context of stimulating small cities sustainable development and strengthening state economic security. The legislative regulation of Ukraine’s maritime complex is described, the current state and problems of its components operations – maritime trade, port industry, shipbuilding, and fishing industry are outlined. Development priorities for the marine industry, as well as for the economic relations within the maritime complex, are substantiated, with the goal of achieving social economic benefit and satisfying the demand of both population and industry for goods and services. This is possible by utilizing the resources of the World Ocean, and applying intellectual and professional manmade means towards promoting sustainable development of small cities and strengthening state economic security.

Author Biography

Oksana Sobkevych, National Institute for Strategic Studies

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Department for Security of the Real Sector of Economy