• Mariya Knir
Keywords: Public-private partnership, concession, state, enterprise, project


The article is devoted to problems of development of public-private partnership (PPP) as a necessary tool for the implementation of social projects. Ukraine’s economy modernization and priority sectors’ and industries’ development is impossible without the state-business partnership. Scientific research of the public-private partnership development process, rise of institution and mechanisms facilitating its practical implementation are of high value for the state and private business. Thus within the article, the essence of the PPP category is considered, the features of its most common forms are disclosed. Economic and political framework components for the PPPs formation and development in Ukrainian realities are analyzed. Ukraine has a large potential for the development of many forms of PPPs, however for its practical application it is necessary to take into account a number of fundamental issues such as: the real interests of all parties in the partnership, the stability of the political regime, the predictability of the strategy for further development of the country, the social orientation of the business. In countries with a developed market economy, sufficient PPP experience has been accumulated, which, considering some domestic specifics, can be applied in Ukraine. The analysis of the parties’ interests, the mechanism of PPP implementation, as well as the ways for its effective application were examined within the article. The results of examination proved that properly functioning PPP mechanism provides wider benefits from capital investment in public research and creates favorable conditions for sustainable balanced development.