• Olena Аkilina
  • Inna Kyslytska
Keywords: project approach, Construction Company, competitiveness, goals


The article presents the results of a study of the project approach to competitiveness management. In domestic practice, the project approach is not widespread, despite lengthy research in this area in the world. Therefore, the aim of the study was to reveal the essence of the project approach as a mean of increasing the competitiveness of an industrial enterprise in the construction industry. Even in an enterprise that is not project oriented, there are many other activities that can be managed as projects. They are located inside it or in the external environment. One of the determining factors affecting success in project management is the correct setting of goals. Any project, like any substantial activity, always has at least one goal. However, more often several goals are set in the project with the corresponding priorities. These priorities should be recognized by all project participants.
So, in the process of analyzing and choosing the necessary strategy, it was found that for the enterprise under study Valkyria LLC, a strategy of concentrated growth with a marketing direction is relevant (in the market of the Kiev region with subsequent access to other regions of the country). The developed concept will provide an increase in the products’ competitiveness level and, as a result, the necessary competitive advantages of Valkyria LLC in a competitive environment.

Economics, management of sectors and enterprises