• Iryna Zhuravlyova
Keywords: intellectual capital, competence capital, consumer capital, structural capital


The article considers the concept of analytical tools system for the intellectual capital functioning. The author developes methodological support for the analysis of intellectual capital functioning at mezoeconomic level, which includes identification of technological operations of the specified process, decision-makers, input information, output information and diagnostic methods. The diagnosis of intellectual capital functioning is based on the proposed methodological approach to its assessment. The evaluation process of intellectual capital functioning consists of two stages (formation and use), each level of its regulation is multilayered and comprises: generalised intellectual capital indicator, integral indicator of intellectual capital component and partial intellectual capital indicators. Based on the use of cluster analysis, three homogeneous groups of regions in Ukraine are distinguished by the indicators of gross regional product per capita, labor market efficiency, quality of education, infrastructure, commodity market capacity, competitiveness, and innovativeness of the region. The regression analysis between the intellectual capital components and the resultant mesoeconomic level indicator – the gross regional product is carried out. The influence of all intellectual capital components on the gross regional product of the region is proved. For regions with the highest levels of intellectual capital, a significant influence of competence capital on consumer and structural capital has been identified. For informational support of the analysis of the intellectual capital functioning, it is proposed to use a collective decision-making system based on a multiagent system. Ontological models of analysis and decision making on management of intellectual capital mesoeconomic level based on multiagent approach were developed in «Protege» environment.