• Tetiana Stetsiuk
Keywords: insurance companies, insurance services, motor insurance, life insurance, health insurance, impact factors, non-life, life


The article deals with the inclusivity of providing basic insurance services. It has been researched and grouped by net insurance premiums, which types of insurance are inclusive. Insurance companies pay special attention to the macroenvironment in which they operate, so we have identified the general economic factors, that influence the domestic insurers activities. In order to exclude the general economic factors of negative impact, it was proposed: to identify and make alterations to the legislation; to conduct audits at least twice a year; to increase public confidence to the insurance industry by increasing the share capital to the amount, that would allow to cover risks in real terms on their obligations; to promote the development of institutions of effective self-regulation of the insurance industry. Emphasis is placed on marketing activities, which takes one of the key places in the activity of insurance companies and provides the growth of sales of insurance services. The problems that restrict the development of insurance services are identified, namely: low level of HR policy; insufficient level of financial potential of domestic insurance companies; lack of proper professional guidance among the population. Recommendations on development and promotion of insurance services in Ukraine are given.
Inclusivity is one of the priorities in Europe 2020’s economic growth strategy. This strategy is aimed at creating new services that generate growth and help solve economic, social (or various) problems. The most important aspect of inclusive growth is investment into human capital, tax policy, social insurance. Inclusivity is a multidimensional concept that covers different spheres of people’s lives: ecology, education, healthcare, security from all kinds of risks, etc. Insurance companies are inclusive institutions that encourage a large number of people to insure and enable people to choose what they want.
It has been established that the prospects of financial inclusive development in the context of insurance services are determined by the effectiveness of the state regulatory policy, the functionality of regulatory acts aimed at creating an effective mechanism for state regu lation and supervision, reducing the costs of activities caused by excessive and ineffective state regulation, ensuring competition in the market, preventing the activities of unscrupulous companies, coordination with modern processes of reforming and deregulation of the Ukrainian economy.