• Victoriia Psota
Keywords: public procurement, participant, customer, classification, public finance


The need for an updated classification is caused by changes in the public procurement system in connection with the European integration processes in the Ukrainian economy. The adoption of new legislation requires a new approach to public procurement management in order to ensure the basic functions of the state on the conditions of openness, transparency, fair competition and non-discrimination of participants, while ensuring maximum savings and efficient use of public finances.
In the paper, the author identifies the main features by which it is advisable to classify: depending on the cost of the subject of procurement, depending on submission to the Law of Ukraine “On Public Procurement”, depending on the type of procurement procedure, depending on the subject of procurement and depending on the type of procedure. In the article, the author proves the effectiveness of such a classification by studying statistical data in accordance with the proposed classification and draws conclusions about the efficiency of using public finances and suggests ways to save public funds.
In addition, the article highlights aspects of the classification of public procurements, which today have lost relevance in connection with the conversion of state procurements to public, due to fundamentally new approaches to public perception of the role and tasks of the state.
At the same time, the article provides a forecast for future improvement of the proposed classification in connection with the dynamics of projected changes in modern legislation in the public sector of the economy, as the modernization of public procurement in Ukraine is a constant and dynamic process.
The proposed classification allows us to understand the organization of the procurement process, to facilitate the practical application of the new legislation from the perspective of customers and participants in the procurement process, to determine the nature of each element of public procurement and to monitor the implementation of public procurement contracts. Analysis of the procurement activities in accordance with the classification will ensure the implementation of one of the main functions of the state – proper control in the procurement system of goods, works and services to meet the needs of the state and society as a whole by checking the legality and effectiveness of the use of budget funds and compliance with competition.