• Milytsya Volkova
Keywords: modern technologies, management system, operational activity, industrial enterprise, organization


The article summarizes the theoretical foundations of operational management and develops practical recommendations for the use of modern technologies for managing the industrial enterprises’ operational activity. It was found that the operating system is one of the most important systems of the enterprise, the effective interaction of its elements is the key to effective operation in general. The main task of operational management is the construction and development of modern management systems that would be able to ensure the implementation of certain actions and processes to gain economic effect from the functioning of the enterprise’s operating system. It is stated that the process of managing operational activities consists of four interrelated functions: planning, organization, motivation and control. The functional structure of the operating (production) system of an industrial enterprise is presented. The interrelation of conditions for the informational support of the industrial enterprise’s operational activity planning was given. The role of management system’s organization in terms of industrial enterprise’s operational activity, providing coordination of actions of specialists from different divisions in the management apparatus and ensuring ordering of industrial production development, is emphasized. It was noted that the motivation of the enterprise’s employees as a function of management and a component of industrial enterprise’s operational activity managing technology has certain features. It was concluded that the introduction of a controlling system at industrial enterprises of Ukraine will allow to increase the efficiency of the whole process of managing their economic activity. It is suggested to use the integral indicator for estimating industrial enterprise’s operational activity management level. Attention is drawn to the fact that, defining the place and role of the operational management system of industrial enterprises in the work, all the basic functions of management need to be specified and presented in the form of modern technologies of the management system and planning of operational activities of economic entities should be carried out to solve extraordinary and complex problems: Imperfect methods of operational planning, neglect of factors of uncertainty of economic environment, lack of interconnections of the operational system management of industrial enterprises with production and technological processes. It is concluded that the enterprise operating management system can be considered in the form of four interrelated functions: planning, organization, motivation and control, which in turn can be considered management technologies that contribute to the improvement and development of operational management and allow to determine the integral indicator of the quality level systems of industrial enterprise’s operational activity management.

Economics, management of sectors and enterprises