• Oleksii Hutsaliuk
Keywords: integration associations, integration, development strategy, concern, national economy


The deepening of the international division of labor, the growth of dynamism and the scale of integration processes in the context of steadily increasing globalization of market relations and production operations, focused on the gradual creation of a single global economic and information space, are the key modern trends that determine the development of the world economy. The most powerful driving force behind the deployment and significant consequence of implementing these complex processes of change in the social production system is to strengthen the integration orientation of transformations of the corporate sector of the economy, the subjects of which are not only some large transnational conglomerates, but also a wide range of other corporate entities. which are owned by joint-stock companies), regardless of the scope and extent of their economic activity, so the study of the question is relevant today.
The purpose of the study is to substantiate the organizational and economic forms of formation of integration associations. The main tasks of the article are to streamline the properties of various forms of integration cooperation, to consider the classification system of types of integration and integration associations, to identify the features of the concern as an organizational and economic form of implementation of corporate integration.
Thus, a favorable prerequisite for creating and enhancing the competitive advantages associated with the realization of the scale effect, when using the organizational and economic form of the concern, is the predominant extension in this case of the framework of the process of corporate integration in the industries and sectors of the national economy, which uses technologically complex and large and large-scale production is developed, there is considerable need for rapid updating of the technical base of production of goods and services based on intensive introduction of innovations, etc.

Economics, management of sectors and enterprises