• Valentyna Dohadina
Keywords: educational service, level, evaluation, higher education institutions, educational institutions, indicator, structure, analysis, applicants, students


The article assesses the level of educational services management in Ukraine on the basis of current state of educational institutions development analysis taken into consideration all stakeholders (stakeholders) in the construction of an innovative education system in the country. It is noted that the educational services market today is a powerful, widespread economic environment, where relations between its participants are realized in the sphere of creation of a significant element of national wealth – knowledge, abilities, skills, personal intellectual and professional characteristics of human capital of the country. Therefore, the state must clearly identify the priorities of the education system to ensure its international competitiveness. The overall trend of the higher educational institutions number decrease in Ukraine is gradually slowing down. Thus, during the period 2010/2011 – 2018/2019 the total number of Higher Education Institutions decreased from 813 to 652 or by 20%, with the largest drop among private property-based establishments – 30% (for public or communal property-based establishments this figure reached 27%). The change in the number of higher education institutions was mainly due to the decrease in the number of colleges, technical colleges. Accordingly, the number of students of higher education institutions receiving a junior bachelor’s degree or a junior specialist’s education has almost halved (by 43%). It is established that one of the most important criteria for evaluationg the effectiveness of the Higher Educational Establishment activity is the employment of graduates. After receiving the diploma in 2018, only 49 954 (or 12.1% of all graduates) received a job placement. 66.3% of those studied at the expense of the state budget, and 21.2% – at the expense of local budgets. It is noted that one of the most important factors in the attractiveness of the Higher Educational Establishment is the qualitative characteristics of the teaching staff. The authors conclude the uneven development of educational services in the regions of Ukraine. It is noted that the existing market of educational services is inadequate to the labor market: the offers from higher education significantly exceed the requests of employers. It was revealed that the management of educational services requires the introduction of a fundamentally new, high-quality model of educational services management, based on a combination of interests of all stakeholders (stakeholders) to build an innovative education system in Ukraine.

Economics, management of sectors and enterprises