• Natalia Krasnostanova
  • Anastasiia Chebanu
Keywords: innovative capacity, components of innovative capacity, innovative activity, scientific and technical potential


The peculiarities of the structure of innovative capacity of the enterprise are investigated, namely: the essence of the concept of “innovative capacity” is revealed, the components of the system of management of innovative capacity at the enterprise are determined. The analysis and generalization of the existing approaches to determining the structure of innovative capacity of the enterprise is carried out. The characteristic of components of innovative capacity of industrial enterprise is given. The method of complex estimation of innovative capacity of PJSC “Odeskabel” is offered for determination of factors on increase of innovative capacity of the enterprise. The expediency of using the proposed methodology for evaluating the innovative capacity for forming the strategy of development of the innovative capacity of the enterprise is substantiated.
The role of innovative capacity as a decisive factor in increasing production efficiency has been identified, and in the current conditions for enterprises remains one of the priority areas for ensuring their stable economic development. The importance of the impact of innovation on the sustainability of competitive advantages and the effective operation of the enterprise is emphasized by most scientists-economists who are engaged in the problems of scientific and technological progress.
Continuous and comprehensive provision of innovative development of the enterprise ensures a conflict-free transition of the enterprise into a new quality of its life. This means that the enterprise management system must be opened to innovation, provide constant self-learning and development at all levels of its relationship with the environment, as well as at all stages of its life cycle, which in turn will provide the enterprise with a competitive advantage over other businesses.
Assessment of innovative capacity by components: material and technical component; personnel component; infrastructure component; research component; marketing (market) component; organizational and managerial component; financial and economic component; information interface. According to the calculation of the integral index, which equals to 0,579, the innovative capacity of the enterprise corresponds to the average level. According to the results of the analysis of its individual components, it is established that the overall assessment is downplayed by such components as material and technical and marketing. That is, they should be the basis for the development of a set of measures aimed at increasing the level of the enterprise innovative capacity.

Economics, management of sectors and enterprises