• Vitaliy Nikityuk
Keywords: organizational support, formation, logistics system, machine-building enterprise


Organizational support stages of developing a qualitatively new logistic systems for machine-building enterprises are defined in the article. It is noted that today, due to the financial and economic crisis, the machine-building complex of Ukraine is in a rather stagnant position and requires the introduction of effective economic management methods that would allow to increase the efficiency of movement of materials, financial and information flows, reduce the costs of material and technical and raw materials supply and maximize consumers satisfaction with delivered products. It is stated that the machine-building complex of Ukraine consists of 20 specialized industries and 58 sub-branches and represents all types of mechanical engineering existing today. 11245 enterprises are represented in the structure of machine-building complex, 145 of which are large, 1878 are medium-sized and 9222 are small. Approximately 1.5 million workers are employed in mechanical engineering. Thus it is a powerful effective mechanism that requires new approaches to the organization of logistics activities at machine-building enterprises and the formation of qualitatively new logistics systems. The author defines the logistic system of the machine-building enterprise. The existing stages of creation and development of logistic system at the machine-building enterprise and the main resources of machine-building enterprises’ development are determined. It is stated that the same resources are the basis for the creation of an efficient, qualitatively new, logistic system of machine-building enterprises, since only in the interaction of these factors it is possible to achieve the main objective of logistic activity on the basis of the following prerequisites – the necessary products, the required quality, in the required quantity, delivered in time to getting to destination with minimal cost. The factors (indicators) for evaluating the most common logistics systems’ efficiency criteria are presented. The conducted research of the existing methods of formation of logistic systems at the enterprises of mechanical engineering and resources for their creation, made it possible to conclude the necessity of determining the organizational support stages of developing qualitatively new logistic systems of the mechanical engineering enterprises. The organizational support of forming a qualitatively new logistic systems for machine-building enterprises is offered, allowing to integrate regulation and control of all types of logistic flows of machine-building enterprises in order to achieve their main goal – profit maximization.

Economics, management of sectors and enterprises