• Tatiana Obelets
  • Anna Tsymbal
Keywords: light industry, volume of export and import volume, investments and innovations, competitiveness, potential


This article presents the research on the current state of light industry in Ukraine. In the process of analysis, such methods of scientific research as scientific generalization, abstraction, comparison and quantitative method were used. The most important industries covering the light industry are considered. The current trends of development and problems of the studied industry were revealed, which prevent it from taking high competitiveness not only in the whole world, but also in its own country. On the basis of the refined and investigated material, the optimal ways of solving existing problems and improving the current state were found and the most realistic prospects of development were outlined. The main indicators of the industry development, such as the light industry dynamics indices, the volume of sales, and the financial results of enterprises operating in this field, are presented. The dynamics of the main indicators of this sphere for five years, starting from 2013, is analyzed. It is shown that the region of Ukraine is this sphere currently dominating in Lviv region. As a result of the study, a negative dynamics was observed for the decline in the number of employed and enterprises at 3 intervals. As a result of the analysis, it was clarified that since 2016 light industry began to recover in terms of production volumes. The export and import of goods in this sphere were investigated and as a result it was clarified which countries supply products and where Ukraine exports them. There was a close connection between the supply of raw materials and materials by foreign trade and the export of already finished products. It was clarified that the deterioration of light industry is due to factors such as raw material and personnel shortages, lack of investment, lack of new and more productive equipment. The degree of deterioration of fixed assets used in the investigated branch was considered and it was found that its level is rather high, which testifies to the low volume of new technologies. An explanation of the reasons for the higher price for Ukrainian products is given, among which it is possible to distinguish too high prices for equipment and raw materials. It was found that the over-saturation of the domestic market with cheap imported goods, first of all from China, Poland and Turkey, remains a significant problem for the light industry of Ukraine. The data on the total amount of investments is presented. It was found that foreign investors make the largest contribution to the light industry of the Transcarpathian, Lviv and Khmelnytsky regions, and the investors themselves are the EU countries. The role of the state in improving the competitiveness of the industry was clarified.

Economics, management of sectors and enterprises