• Alina Shved
Keywords: methodological approach, current level, assessment, analysis, management, economic development, region


The article proposes a methodical approach to assessing the current level of economic development management in the regions of Ukraine. It is established that at the present stage the economic and social development of Ukraine’s economy is directly related to the development of regional economic systems, since it is at the regional level that productive forces are reproduced and programs of socio-economic development are implemented. In order to carry out a qualitative analysis of the level of economic development of the regions of Ukraine, the author proposed to choose among the following factors: gross regional product; share of employed population by regions; volume of sales of goods (goods, services) by economic entities; volume of construction products produced; capital investment; the volume of agricultural products sold – both in absolute terms and per capita. It is noted that the standardization of a set of indicators over each time period is due to the fact that the reaction of different regions of Ukraine to the change of social economic and political factors, which is expressed in the indicators of economic activity, is heterogeneous. That is why it is important to observe the dynamics of change in the set of selected factors in each region of Ukraine. The author’s ranking of all indicators of economic development level of regions was performed by several methods, namely: by the arithmetic mean of the observations time series; the geometric mean of observations time series; by standardized metric values. The ranking by the standardized values ​​of each selected from the set of all indicators of the level of economic development of the regions was carried out according to the scheme adopted in the ranking of expert assessments. The highest rated standard value was assigned the highest rank. Each year from the observation period acted as an “expert” and the criteria by which the assessment was carried out – the value of a standardized indicator in each region. The consistency of the result was obtained using the Kendall coefficient of concordance. For the final assessment of the level of economic development of the regions of Ukraine, the author chose a non-classical assessment of the integral indicators, since the level of each standardized indicator within the group may differ fundamentally. It is concluded that the use of the proposed methodological approach makes it possible to more accurately assess the level of economic development of an individual region taking into account its features, types of economic activity and directions of economic development.