• Miroslava Bedrynets
Keywords: small business, ecosystem, finance, education, spatial organization, infrastructure


The purpose of this article was to study the ECOSYSTEM of small business development in Ukraine and the possibilities of its financial support.
An analysis of the structural elements of the ecosystem is carried out, it is concluded that the problems of developing the country’s economy with the support of small business enterprises are possible if we move away from the «platform» approach to enterprise organization.
Author recommended to introduce a concept that allows us to consider a small enterprise as part of an economic ecosystem that develops under the influence of the institutional environment, financing, spatial organization and development of the infrastructure of small business enterprises.
To summarize this article, it should be said that in recent decades small business has become an integral part of the economic and financial system of Ukraine. Greater recognition is given to the ability of small businesses to make a significant contribution to addressing employment problems by creating new jobs, developing and improving the competitiveness of entire industries, increasing tax revenues to budgets of all levels, providing social protection for the population, enhancing their welfare and socio-economic activity.
At the same time, it is possible to solve the problems of development of the economy of the country with reliance on small business enterprises by moving away from the «platform-resource» approach to the management of small business entities, to actively implement the concept that allows to consider a small business as part of the economic ecosystem that develops under the influence of institutional environment, financing system, spatial organization and infrastructure development of small business enterprises.