• Iryna Zamula
Keywords: financial analysis, rapid analysis, in-depth analysis, Excel spreadsheets, computerization of analysis


In the conditions of digitization, there is an increasing need for rapid formation of reliable information about an object of economic interest. Management personnel of the entity requires real-time information about the status of activity of the management object, which enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of such management. Therefore, the study is aimed at forming organizational and methodological provisions of financial analysis of medium and small enterprises activities in the computerization environment, aiming at improving the quality of management of such enterprises in real time.
The main tasks of the study are: to outline the peculiarities of the financial analysis of the activity of enterprises in the conditions of computerization; to form a methodology of financial analysis of the medium and small enterprises activities using computerization tools; to test such methodology.
In order to increase the effectiveness of management decisions made about the activity of the enterprise, it is too important to use computerization tools. At the same time, the cost of integrated data processing systems is high enough for Ukrainian enterprises, especially small and medium-sized, so it is a significant obstacle in their use. That is why a method of financial analysis using a simple but effective software product, Microsoft Excel, is offered for domestic enterprises.
Summarizing the organizational and methodological provisions of financial analysis of enterprise activity, it has been developed an application software product based on Excel that will help analysts to have a wider range of opportunities to identify deviations from the set parameters of enterprise development in a real time and to find the ways of their elimination. The approbation of the results of the research testifies about their reality and efficiency of use in the modern economic conditions.