• Maryna Gruzd
Keywords: united territorial communities, evaluation, decentralization, socio-economic development, financial capacity, territorial organization of power


Based on the available assessment methods, an analysis was performed and trends in the socio-economic development of the united territorial communities (UTC) of Ukraine were identified. The list of components and indicators of the analysis of UTCs’ socio-economic development which consider the features of resource providing and condition of infrastructure of territorial associations are offered. Methodical approach to comprehensive integrated evaluation of UTC’s socio-economic development level to determine indicators of stimulus and destimulus, which allows to determine the position of UTC development, to substantiate strategic management decisions on territorial development to improve living standards and quality of life, and creating conditions for the social development of territories. The main stages of a comprehensive integrated assessment of the level of socio-economic development of UTC: selection and justification of a system of indicators used to calculate an integrated assessment of the socio-economic situation of UTC; development of methodology, methods and tools for calculating integrated assessment; gathering, systematization and analytical processing of statistical information; ranking of UTC by quantitative values of integrated assessment. Choice of reasonable indicators for a comprehensive integrated evaluation of the level of UTC development based on the results of the implementation of strategic documents, the following should be taken into account: the information results should coincide with the information based on the initial stages of their development; the comparison of the initial state of affairs with the final one should be carried out according to the same list of indicators that reflect the results of UTC functioning; statistical information should be included in the system of indicators of analysis of socio-economic development of UTC, based on the fact that the method of its calculation is generally accepted.