• Nataliya Shuprudko
  • Ivona Izabela Bomba
Keywords: insurance companies, security, security activity, factors of influence, threats


Іn Ukraine, insurance companies are constantly exposed to destructive factors The purpose of the article is to identify and structure factors influencing the safety of insurance companies in Ukraine, which will allow to make effective management decisions.
In the article, the factors influencing the security activities of insurance companies are divided into two groups: direct (directly affecting the activities of insurance companies: insurance intermediaries, consumers and competitors); indirect (factors that may or may not have a direct immediate impact on insurance companies, but subsequently affect the security activities and financial performance of insurance companies). Depending on the functional role of indirect factors, the following are singled out for the security activities of insurance companies: economic, political, legal, demographic, institutional.
Economic factors are grouped into domestic (average annual inflation rates, unemployment rate, investment dynamics and GDP, tax rate, tax burden, budget deficit, share of private property in the country) and external (foreign trade, balance of payments) situation on world markets, intensification of international capital movements, strengthening of capital concentration, transnationalization of activity, level of world economic activity, development of global information system). The influence of these factors is different.
The safe operation of insurance companies largely depends on political and legal factors. The demographic factor is one of the determinants for the safe development of insurance companies, first of all, life insurance companies, so the problems of optimal demographic development in the country should be considered as the primary interests of the state.
A separate group of factors are institutional factors – a set of international, governmental and non-governmental institutions that regulate the activities of insurance companies, necessary for their development and safe operation.
Factors with a direct nature of action affect the safety of insurance companies directly and, in turn, are directly affected by the insurance companies themselves. These are employees, competitors, consumers, insurance intermediaries.
Thus, the analysis of a set of factors that affect the safety of insurance companies indicates their incentive or deterrent nature.