• Volodymyr Boreiko
Keywords: economic activity, scientific researches, innovations, legislative base, budgetary financing, tax privileges


The article examined the prerequisites, potential opportunities and prospects for the innovative development of the national economy. The views of leading foreign and domestic scientists on the role of science and innovation in ensuring the dynamic development of countries are revealed. It was determined, that in the works of these scientists it was substantiated, that the sustainable dynamic development of the national economy can only be ensured by the country, that comprehensively supports the activities of scientific, research institutions and business entities that implement innovative projects.
The legislative base of Ukraine and the activity of institutions whose task is to ensure the innovative development of the national economy are analysed. It is highlighted that the legislative and normative acts regulating research and innovation in Ukraine during the period of independence were not systemic and were not provided with full-fledged state funding, which caused the loss of competitiveness of a significant part of domestic products in the Ukrainian and international markets.
It is determined that despite the permanent financial and economic crises over the past thirty years, Ukraine has managed to maintain significant scientific, innovative and industrial potential, which, if used effectively, can ensure the renewal of domestic products and access to world markets. It is shown that the priority financial support by the state of research and innovation activities of the relevant entities is the only effective way to ensure the dynamic development of the country.
The ways of financial stimulation of innovative renewal and the national economy dynamic development ensuring are proposed. The necessity of increasing government spending on financing scientific activities and introducing benefits for enterprises’ implementing innovative projects has been substantiated.