• Mykhailo Arych
  • Artur Oleksyn


financial and economic security, food market, agro-industrial complex, Ukraine


The main components and features of financial and economic security of the food market are studied in the work. Thus,
the conceptual and categorical apparatus of financial and economic security of the food market is analyzed, which includes
such aspects as foreign economic, social, agricultural, food, agro-industrial, financial, as well as the aspect of product
quality and safety. The factors of influence, economic conditions financial and economic security of the food market are
studied. It is established that the main principles of food market security are the physical and economic availability of food;
sustainability of food and stability of the food market; food quality and food safety for consumers; food self-sufficiency;
food independence. The results of the scientific article also show that the main directions for the functioning of an effective
state policy of food market security are: 1) the achievement of full food security in the production of agricultural products
with the subsequent transformation of Ukraine into a major regional exporter of these products; 2) the formation of a strong
agro-industrial complex, resistant to external and internal threats, based on the balanced development of all regions of
the country; 3) the formation of foreign trade conditions for food security. It is determined that the main methods of public
policy are administrative, economic, and legal. The paper also analyzes the structure and components of the financial and
economic mechanism, which is a system of organizational, economic and legal measures taken to prevent threats to food
market security. At the same time, the scientific work identifies potential opportunities to increase the level of financial
and economic security of the food market: increasing the competitiveness of agricultural enterprises and intensifying their
development; increasing the purchasing power of the population and their real incomes; creating financial reserve funds;
providing quality information and analytical support, etc.