• Ievgeniya Pozhar


financial stability, financial strength, stable financial condition, ways of optimization


The article considers different approaches to the definition of "financial stability". The financial stability of the enterprise
characterizes and reflects the result of current investment and financial development, contains the necessary information
for investors and reflects the ability to be responsible for its debts and liabilities. The main task of the analysis of financial
stability of the enterprise as well as the stock of financial stability and its limits is defined. It also defines stages of sequences of
the analysis of enterprise. The modern working conditions of small and medium business along with the problems enterprise
faces are analyzed. At the present stage, it is extremely important to be clearly oriented in a complex system of market
relations, the correct assessment of production and economic potential, the strategy of future development, the financial
condition of enterprise and partner companies. This makes it necessary and important to systematically assess the financial
stability of enterprise. With the help of assess the correct strategy and tactics of enterprise development are developed,
plans and management decisions are substantiated, the implementation is controlled, solvency and liquidity are assessed and
financial stability is strengthened.

The activity of the enterprise is negatively affected not only by environmental factors, but also by lack of proper
management of financial stability of the enterprise. Currently, the main task of any enterprise is to ensure the optimal level of
financial stability of the enterprise. The financial strength is always calculated during the analysis of financial stability of the
enterprise, as it shows what allowable percentage the revenue can be reduced for the company to be unprofitable. The actual
problem during the current economic crisis remains increasing the optimization of financial sustainability of the enterprise.
Various factors influencing the financial stability of the enterprise are investigated, minimization and neutralization methods
of these factors are offered. Ways to optimize the financial stability of the enterprise in a period of difficult financial and
economic situation in the country are formed. The globalization of the economy has led to a close interdependence of external
and internal factors influencing the enterprise. Given that external factors are uncontrollable and unpredictable, it is possible
to achieve the required level of financial stability for the company by identifying the most important internal factors and
minimizing or neutralizing them. It is necessary to manage financial stability taking into account the risks caused by scientific
progress, the instability of the political situation, the growth of competition in commodity and financial markets. Now,
companies must be flexible and ready to adapt to new working conditions that dictate the realities of today.