• Ihor Gonak


investment portfolio, land, agricultural land market, land price, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin


In the absence of real objects for investment, the ability of economic entities to effectively distribute existing limited financial assets and form a quality investment portfolio is a guarantee for the investor not only to ensure high return on investment, but also to reduce investment risk. The emergence of cryptocurrencies in the second decade of the XXI century and the opening of the land market in Ukraine in mid-2021 for agricultural purposes have created new opportunities for investors to form highly liquid and highly profitable investment portfolios, using investment opportunities to buy farmland and cryptocurrencies. Together with the potentially high profitability of the investment portfolio formed from cryptocurrencies and agricultural land, there is no risk of complete depreciation of own savings in the future. The main purpose and task of the article is to study the theoretical and practical aspects of the current state and prospects of Ukrainian citizens' investment in agricultural land in Ukraine and cryptocurrency. In the process of research,, the following methods were used: analysis – to study the object and subject of research; abstract-logical (theoretical generalizations and formulation of conclusions on the formation of the investment portfolio of cryptocurrencies and agricultural land). Agricultural land has been found to be a valuable limited resource that currently has a potentially low price, but will continue to rise in price and generate stable income and will never depreciate. Although investing in cryptocurrencies is associated with significant risks, cryptocurrency coins have the potential to significantly increase their value and limits of use, so investing in coins can bring significant returns in the long run. It is proposed for economic entities in Ukraine to form an investment portfolio for medium and long-term investment and periodic passive income, which will include Ukrainian agricultural lands and cryptocurrency coins. The formation of an investment portfolio of agricultural land in Ukraine and cryptocurrencies, in our opinion, is effective and appropriate, however, requires further research because agricultural land and cryptocurrencies as objects of investment in Ukraine are relatively new.