• Tetyana Grynko
  • Kateryna Savchenko
Keywords: medical institution, personnel management, personnel potential, personnel policy


The article deals with scientific approaches to the assessment of the human resources capacity of the medical institution, approaches to the assessment of the quality of the workforce and criteria for assessing the quality of the personnel potential of the enterprise.

The relevance of the chosen topic is justified by the fact that the current state of the provision of medical workers in the health care system is characterized by a shortage of different categories of personnel, an imbalance in their distribution. This requires the development of an information base for assessing the human resources capacity of medical institutions. There is a wide range of problems associated with the study of a comprehensive assessment of human resources. And also there is no uniform approach to solving the problems of forming and managing the potential of a medical institution.

The purpose of the article is to study and critically evaluate the scientific approaches to assess the human resources capacity of medical institutions, as well as recommendations for their improvement.

The main methods for assessing the human resources are identified: formal approaches (questionnaires and testing) and informal approaches (interview and observation). The evaluation process should solve the tasks to improve the current activity of medical personnel, as well as to determine the prospects and directions for the development of the personnel of the health care institution, and to create a favorable social and psychological climate in the team. Despite a significant number of methods, they are not ideal, have certain advantages and disadvantages, which served as the basis for their study.

The essence of personnel potential lies in the fact that it is a systemic feature and arises as a result of synergistic interactions of its components, both in the time frame and in the qualification-functional distribution of the organization's employees.

An effective system for managing the human resources capacity of a health care institution is based on the use of scientifically based and advanced management methods, completeness of information support, and improvement of the organizational structure.

Therefore, the authors conducted an analysis of scientific approaches to assessing the human resources capacity of medical institutions, which allows to structure the methods that allow estimating the staff potential.