• Lilіа Kustrich
Keywords: agriculture, enterprise, labor resources, employee, labor efficiency labor productivity


The development of any enterprise depends on the efficiency of the use of all available resources. The presence of certain volumes of resources is the most important condition for effective management of the economy and, in general, the implementation of the production process. Resource potential serves as a material basis production opportunities   enterprises. Efficiency of the use of labor resources is a major factor which affects the competitiveness of products and its quality, promotes improvement of economic activity, reduction of personnel costs and increase of employees' income and in general profitability of the enterprise. Therefore, becoming more relevant question about formation and effective use of resource potential of enterprises in order to increase the competitiveness of agriculture and the national economy as a whole.

The purpose of the article is research of elements of economic efficiency use of labor resources in agriculture at the micro level.

Task for research is an analysis of the factors, which influence the efficiency of the use of labor resources and theoretical and methodological justification of approaches on conducting an assessment of economic efficiency use of resource potential agricultural enterprises on the example of Cherkasy region.

 In the article the principles of estimation of economic efficiency of use of labor resources of agricultural enterprises are considered. The state and dynamics of labor productivity of agricultural enterprises of Cherkassy region are analyzed. Defined advantages and disadvantages various methods for evaluating labor productivity production of agricultural products, which is due to the feature appointment and an information base for the calculation of indicators. It was established that the methodological basis of the estimation of labor productivity is the relation of the result of activity to the mass of resources used for the purpose of obtaining it, that is, an estimation of the efficiency of the use of labor resources.