• Vitalii Karpenko


competition, integration, cooperation, competitiveness, corporate integration associations, strategic alliances


The article considers the preconditions for the formation of strategic alliances as a promising form of corporate integration associations in the dairy industry of Khmelnytsky region. The strategic alliance, as one of the modern forms of inter-firm integration, has been found to be more flexible than clusters or joint ventures and involves a variety of agreements between companies that work together over a period of time to achieve tactical or strategic goals.
The types of strategic alliances, their typology are highlighted and it is proved that they are the most attractive type of strategic integration associations of corporate structures. The main types of strategic alliances are integration alliances, pseudo-concentration alliances and complementary alliances. That is, a strategic alliance is a form of inter-firm integration, one of the fastest and most accessible ways to implement a global strategy, a “soft”organizational form of integration of dairy companies, which allows joint activities to maintain legal and economic independence; preparatory, organizational and experimental platform, within which the rational generation of conditions for further unification of partner companies.
The main options for the development of strategic alliances in the dairy industry of Khmelnytsky region are proposed. Evaluation criteria and methods of building a matrix for selecting a potential partner for integration and formation of strategic alliances are substantiated.
The prospects of dairy enterprises after joining the strategic alliance of dairy producers are as follows: uncertainty in demand for intermediate products is reduced and incentives are created to reduce the cost of raw milk; processing of raw materials is provided; enterprises producing raw milk are getting rid of uncertainty in the markets; there is an opportunity to produce new types of dairy products and expanding markets; the competitiveness of the local dairy industrial complex among other market participants is increasing; growth of economic potential of the enterprises forming a local dairy industrial complex is provided; the effect of economies of scale and the possibility of joint use of production capacity is observed; reduce uncertainty, as well as increase the stability of development, because in long-term relationships with a partner, a former competitor in the dairy market is a combination of experience and resources, the ability to transfer technology, knowledge and experience, joint research and staff training; gaining additional access to the market, where competitors are already operating and there is a stable demand for products of certain brands.