• Nataliia Kondratenko
  • Militsa Volkova


management, administrative decisions, enterprise, features, potential


The article identifies the features and conditions of management decisions at the enterprise. It is noted that today in the economic and managerial activities of Ukrainian enterprises one of the main tasks is to identify problem situations and find optimal ways of solving them. Irrational, suboptimal decisions can lead to loss of business stability, bankruptcy or other, even more threatening consequences. It is noted that one of the components of the control subsystem is the subsystem for developing management decisions to implement changes. It plays an important role in the enterprise. It is determined that the management hierarchy plays a significant role in the functioning of the enterprise, because close interaction and clear transfer of information at all levels of management allows to achieve a positive result and make a profit. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the concept of managerial decision-making should cover all changes in strategy, production, management of all processes in the enterprise. If the process approach has not yet become the norm of corporate culture, the transformation of enterprises is a consequence of the fact that they are re-experiencing the state in which they already were. It is noted that the organizational and managerial potential is crucial in the development and implementation of strategies for development and achievement of enterprise's goals. An algorithm for assessing the level of existing organizational and managerial potential of the enterprise is presented, providing an opportunity to determine the main indicators of organizational, informational and managerial potential by various methods, such as expert evaluation. It is concluded that in assessing the managerial capacity it is necessary to take into account not only quantitative indicators, but also qualitative ones, which are more characteristic of it. The study allowed to summarize the problematic aspects of the management decision-making process at the enterprise. This requires rethinking the decision support system, as well as the decision-making mechanism itself in the process of the business entity functioning. According to the results of the study, it was concluded that the decision-making process should, on one hand, have the characteristics of adaptability, adaptability to changes in the environment, and on the other – to ensure sustainable operation and development of the enterprise.