• Yuliia Shulyk


project management, public administration, project, program, strategy


The article deals with the peculiarities of the project management application in public administration of Ukrainian institutions. Changes in the financial management of Ukraine, reforms in the administrative, security, educational, medical, cultural, law enforcement sectors have led to the developments in the system of public administration. Decentralization reform has been a particularly important stimulus. Ukraine has developed and applied a regulatory framework for the development of strategies, programs, projects, with defined methods of calculation and investment support. As in the business environment, the project management in public administration uses the connection of projects, programs with the strategy of the state, communities and industries. The forms and directions of the project approach application  have been expanded both at the state and local levels, which contributes to the change of management from the process approach to achieving results of public importance, strengthening the funds efficiency, and public involvement in control over public expenditures. Projects in public administration in Ukraine are used in the following forms: public investment projects, projects financed by ministries and departments (internal and distributed externally on the basis of competitions); public-private partnership projects; projects submitted for financing by international organizations, banks; participative public budgets. The base for financing projects has expanded with extensive use of international finance. Project management also affects the organizational structure of institutions. In Ukraine, project departments / offices have appeared in local governments, institutions, and ministries, which helps to expand the application of the project approach. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has an Office of Reforms of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to assist in the development and implementation of reforms in the country. The article identifies weaknesses in the application of project management, in particular the need to improve the training of public administration in the organization of teamwork, improve monitoring and project control, risk assessment; improving communication between state, local authorities and the public.