• Lubomira Kindratska
Keywords: information, transformation of the accounting system, accounting mechanisms, accounting as an institution of economics and law


The article presents author's approaches to the modernization and reformation of the accounting system in Ukraine. Approved that any new ideas according this process have to be  clearly argued and directed to the formation of a set address information to meet the users needs.

It is emphasized that main direction of accouting research is justification the directions of its improvement, implementation of which in practice will contribute to strengthening the management functions of accounting. It is mention that unsystematic changes are harmful to accounting as they can slow down its development. The emphasis is placed on the fact that science should be out of politics.

It is noted that only systematized, grouped and generalized accounting information becomes useful and necessary for users.

The author notes that accounting is a complex dynamic system capable of self-improvement in accordance with user requests. It is proposed to expand the boundaries of the generated accounting and financial reporting of the information to provide growing requests of its users.

Because of the transparency of information produced by the accounting system, is achieved its usefulness in business management.

Information on financial reporting is a peculiar criterion of truth about the real picture of the state of business and the prospects for its development. Users often need much more information than they are presented in the financial statements.

However, it should be taken into account that information requires changes, and not the procedures for its accumulating in the accounting system.

For the moment - the formation, generalization, interpretation of large-volume non-financial information, which significantly will change format of reporting from the view of updated philosophy of evaluation activity results which is linked with integration of many financial indicators with non-financial ones.

It is recommended to leave the meaning of "accounting" and operate the meaning of "booking", the volume of information which will be much wider, including indicators of social, environmental, and not only economic nature.