• Natalia Danyliuk


HR-management, marketing, HR-marketing, marketing communication strategies, branding


The question of the HR-management and marketing areas interpenetration possibility in the process of the enterprise functioning in a market environment has been revealed in the article. The importance of the main functional tasks of HR-management and marketing specialists has been updated, as well as an attempt to systematize common and distinctive features of HR-management sphere and marketing sphere of the enterprise activity has been made with further identification of key links of business areas, where these areas are closely interrelated. It has been determined that HR-management and marketing are simultaneously combined with a common enterprise strategy, are able to use common marketing communication strategies, complement each other through the approaches used to recruitment, as well as development and maintenance the brand of the enterprise as an employer. The article describes such marketing strategies to attract consumers of the enterprise product and its potential employees, as social marketing and relationship marketing, in particular loyalty marketing. These marketing communication strategies successfully highlight the question of the possibility of integrating marketing elements in the field of enterprise HR-management.
In addition, a structural and logical scheme allowing for a comparative characterization of the functional tasks, specialists' features in HR-management and HR-marketing has been provided in the study, as well as the common features of these departments have been highlighted. It has been determined that the presence of common features between HR-management and HR-marketing is due to external and internal factors. External factors, in particular, are the market, which is studied and worked with by specialists of relevant departments (labor market), as well as political, legal, socio-economic, financial and other conditions. While the internal factors are the enterprise strategy, its staff policy, corporate culture and are typical for both HR-management and HR-marketing functions that they perform (including the functions of information gathering and communication). Another area of ​​business processes, where HR-management and marketing are interrelated, which is the enterprise branding as an employer, as well as the main marketing communication tools, which along with branding are actively used by HR-marketing departments, have been outlined in the article.