• Lyudmila Levkovska
  • Oleg Dobryanskyy


economic security, analysis of economic security, level of economic security, factors of economic security


The article examines modern features of the economic security factors formation at the micro level. The specifics of the division of factors affecting the economic security of economic entities into internal and external ones have been determined, and the specifics and nature of internal threats to economic security have also been clarified The importance of the influence of internal factors of the economic security of enterprises on the effectiveness of their functioning and the success of the market struggle is determined. The criteria for the division of economic security factors according to their individual directions have been determined, and the importance of comprehensive consideration of the influence of all factors in connection with the cumulative effect of their action has been proven. The modern specificity of the transformation of economic security factors of business entities is determined, which is connected with the general changes taking place in the global economic system under the influence of the intensive introduction of modern digital and information technologies into the practice of enterprises. The classification of potential dangers and threats to the economic security of economic entities, which are defined as endogenous factors, is considered and their essential characteristics are determined. It is proven that depending on the field of activity and the market situation, the influence of various factors on the economic security of the enterprise is determined in different ways, since in such conditions the level of influence on security has an individual character for each individual enterprise. It has been proven that threats to the economic security of economic entities change depending on the type of their activity. Therefore, each enterprise will have its own system of threats specific to this enterprise. In this regard, it has been proven that the main task of company managers, based on the specific situation in which the economic entity will find itself, is to identify the most dangerous threats and develop an effective system of measures aimed at their timely detection, prevention or mitigation.