• Mykola Ivanov


management, IT companies, activity, world experience, information technologies, prospects


The article summarizes the global experience of IT companies management and defines the prospects for its application in Ukraine. It is noted that today the IT sector is one of the leading types of economic activity in our country, as it solves issues in almost all spheres of the national economy and ensures the national security of the state in conditions of martial law. It has been revealed that today the information resource combined with modern management technologies is able to significantly increase the efficiency of production due to the use of the latest technologies and tools for the personnel potential. It was noted that the development of information technologies (IT) made it possible to improve business processes according to the following criteria: efficiency, ease of use, convenience, evidence and information processing reliability, etc. Based on the generalization of the leading world countries' experience, it was found that the activities of companies and large corporations are always associated with the accumulation of significant volumes of data, which require the use of modern analysis and visualization tools. At the same time, the implementation of such tools opens up great potential opportunities for the world's leading companies to obtain information that will be timely, relevant and will provide an opportunity to make certain management decisions regarding the situation in the market to which they belong and maintain their positions in the conditions of fierce competition. The central consumers of IT companies services  in Ukraine have been identified. It was concluded that Western IT companies use tools for the introduction of modern technologies of information accumulation and its visualization, applying various methods that allow taking into account the interests and requirements of external and internal stakeholders, which significantly increases the economic efficiency of their activities and competitiveness on the market.