• Nataliia Kondratenko
  • Hanna Zaporozhets
  • Valentina Dogadina


management, investment activity, enterprise, small business, problems, prospects


The article defines the problems and prospects of managing the investment activities of small business enterprises. It was established that a small business as an object of management is a very complex, dynamic, socio-economic, production, organizational and technical system that is open to the influence of the external environment. It was noted that today the investment activity of an enterprise or organization is possible under the condition of innovative development and the spread of innovative processes within the framework of an individual enterprise. The formation of the innovations investment support system for the organization is a set of actions to ensure all types of innovations and innovation processes carried out at the enterprise. The basic principles of small business enterprises are defined. It is noted that the management of investment activities of small business enterprises in Ukraine is a rather complex process, as all business entities are forced to overcome a large number of macroeconomic obstacles, the main reason of which is ineffective financial policy, excessive tax pressure and other restrictions established at the legislative level. Thus, today there is an urgent need to improve the management of investment activities of small business enterprises, as an important factor in the sustainable growth of the country's economy, which provides the basis for the formation and expansion of the economic potential of the national economy of Ukraine. The conducted research made it possible to generalize the problems and determine the prospects of managing the investment activities of small enterprises.It was concluded that, taking into account the unprofitability of the majority of small business enterprises in the conditions of martial law and financial crisis, it is expedient to create and ensure a favorable investment climate, the development of innovation and investment activities, which will certainly contribute to the positive dynamics of socio-economic development and the possibility of modernization of the national economy.