• Olena Chernega


digitization of the tourist destination, solidarity tourism, virtualization of museum heritage, NFT in tourism, the impact of technologies on the reputation management of the tourist destination


The article examines the availability and use of digital tools to improve the reputation management of a tourist destination. Today, the tourism industry is undergoing a transformation in terms of changing the service, its implementation and consumption in connection with the integration of the latest technologies and changes in society's perception of the understanding of travel in modern conditions of rapidly changing economic processes. The concept of «digitalization of a tourist destination» was directly proposed by the author and revealed within the article. The process of changes in the tourism industry in the world, and in particular in Ukraine, is considered in detail, using the example of the availability and use of digital products to influence the formation of the reputation management of a tourist destinations. These include virtual tours, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, gamification, etc. It is noted that the latest products for Ukraine are quests with gamification elements, selfie parks, etc. But NFT technology aimed at virtualization deserves special attention during the war. With the help of virtual and augmented reality technologies, the tourism industry becomes interesting, popular and in demand. Having planned a visit to a location, you can review and get even more inspired and visit or recommend a specific destination, museum, park, etc.; you can explore rarely accessible interior elements; to revive historical facts, events, etc. In the course of research, it was determined that the transformation of the tourism industry during the war directly affects the formation and improvement of the reputation of the tourist destination, and accordingly, the formation of the tourist flow and economic income to the destination after the end of the war. The digital transformation of the industry is now giving birth to new ones, many traditional tourist destinations are experiencing their second birth or new meanings and modern approaches to the visualization and realization of the service within the tourist destination.