• Volodymyr Shvedkyi


strategic management, development mechanisms, energy company, state regulation of the energy sector


The article defines the essence of strategic management of the energy company development and reveals its features in the energy sector. It is noted that the mechanisms of strategic management of the development of energy companies, in contrast to the mechanisms of tactical and operational management, include not only interacting elements in the form of management methods, methods and functions, but also strategies, procedures for their adjustment in the process of changes in the organization, defined and set goals , which meet modern challenges and allow to gain competitive advantages.
The strategic management mechanisms of the energy companies development include infrastructural support; information provision and security; organizational support; regulatory and legal support; pricing; financial support; strategic development planning; energy saving motivation, etc.
Infrastructural support in the energy sector is formed by transport operators and energy distribution systems.
Information support is an effective mechanism of the strategic management system of energy companies development, the strengthening of which will allow to substantiate energy-efficient management decisions, contributes to their transparency, efficiency, consistency and timeliness.
Organizational support of the energy sector of Ukraine is carried out by authorities that perform the following strategic management functions: development and implementation of strategic development policy and strategic concepts; development management of state-owned energy companies; regulation of the development of energy companies and the energy sector in general; coordination of activities in matters of energy security; organization of efficient production and use of energy resources in communities and regions.
The scheme of regulatory and legal support for the development of energy companies of Ukraine in the context of strategic management is given.
When considering pricing, the possibility of introducing a tariff based on the regulatory base of assets, or RAB-tariff, is being considered.
Investigating financial support in the strategic management system, it is noted that the energy company must have a stable financial position, because the indicator of financial stability is a guarantor of reliability and invested funds return for investors.
When considering the optimal financial support of energy companies, attention is drawn to the expediency of organizing a strategic planning system.
Among the organizational and economic mechanisms of strategic management of the development of energy companies, the motivation of energy saving is singled out in order to stimulate and support the behavioral activity of employees in the direction of energy saving.