• Igor Gonak
  • Volodymyr Horyn


investment, cryptocurrency market, cryptocurrency, cryptocoin, cryptoassets, cryptowallet, Bitcoin, Ethereum


Introduction. In the last decade, the cryptocurrency market has shown significant development. The active growth of this market has created significant investment opportunities for entrepreneurs. In order to form highly profitable investments, one should pay attention to the price behavior of cryptocurrency coins and their niche in the cryptocurrency market.
Scientific research analysis. Despite the impact of investments in cryptocurrencies on the economic development of many countries, scientific research in the field of cryptocurrencies is still inconsistent. Investment activities on the primary and secondary cryptocurrency markets were analyzed in the scientific publications by M. Duchenko, T. Pavlenko, Z. Dvulit, H. Peredal, M. Rebryk, I. Gonak and other scientists. However, scientific research on cryptocurrency investing is at an initial stage since a significant number of aspects of their implementation have not yet been worked out and require systematic development due to the rapid transformation of both the cryptocurrency market and the legislative provision of their functioning in the conditions of dynamic geo-economic changes.
The purpose and tasks of the research. The purpose of studying cryptocurrencies as an investment field is to find out the advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies in comparison with other investment objects, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of such investment through the use of mathematical modeling methods.
Research methodology and methods. The following special research methods were used: direct observation; applied information processing methods for the development of tables of linear dependence; to determine the closeness of the relationship between the dynamics of the value of the main cryptocoins, the method of conducting analytical work on the calculation of the correlation coefficient was used.
Research results. Cryptocurrencies have taken an important place in the development of investment activities. As an investment object in the primary cryptocurrency market, it is advisable to mine the Ethereum cryptocurrency, and in the secondary market, it is advisable to buy Ethereum and Bitcoin for investments, which occupy two thirds of the cryptocurrency market and between which there is a significant correlation.
Investing in cryptocurrencies is advisable due to the significant potential of mining, the growth of the value and limits of the cryptocurrencies use.
Investing in cryptocurrency coins is advisable both in the short term and in the long term.
There is an average (not high) correlation between the primary and secondary markets of cryptocurrency, so an investor is recommended to focus on one of the forms of investment in order to obtain a high profit, and to reduce risks, you can diversify your business by investing in the primary and secondary markets.
Scientific novelty of the research results. The possibilities of cryptocurrency investment in short-term and long-term periods were considered, and a slight correlation between the primary and secondary markets of cryptocurrencies was revealed.
Cryptocurrency is a relatively new object of savings and investment, therefore, with dynamic changes in the legal regulation of the cryptocurrency market, the transformed conditions for the attractiveness of cryptocoins will be formed, and this will require reflection in further scientific publications.
Practical significance of the obtained research results. According to the authors, investing in cryptocurrencies is appropriate both in the primary and secondary markets of cryptocurrencies (although the correlation between them is not high) in both the short-term and long-term perspectives. The obtained research results will be useful for use in the practical activities of conducting cryptocurrency business.
The article contains: formulas: 6, fig. 2, table 5, bibl. 24).