• Larysa Tiesheva
  • Vladyslava Khtominska


principles of public administration, administrative management, management apparatus, land resources, land reform, state administration, land market, land use, ownership


The article is devoted to the study of directions and principles of the state land use management. The authors describe the rational land use methods ways of Ukraine's land resources awareness formation in the minds of Ukrainians. It has been revealed who owns the land resources in Ukraine. The article describes the process of forming the land market in the context of land reform and describes the peculiarities of changes implementation. The principles of land use rationalization and the introduction of effective land use in order to improve the quality of life for the Ukrainian people have been clarified.
It was concluded that the state management system should be established for the rational use of land resources in order to obtain the maximum result from the realization of the soil potential. In turn, one should understand the essence of the concept of rational use. Rational use is the one which takes into account all features of land resources in order to ensure high efficiency of land use and compliance with all norms of land protection, prevention of fertility deterioration.
The purpose of the article is to study the process of implementing the land reform and the formation of the land market in Ukraine, to overview the purpose of this process in the form of benefits for the Ukrainian people, to determine the role of state administration in the process of effective land use, to describe the principles of public administration and principles of rational land use.
The creation of a land market in Ukraine is a necessary measure, which in the long run will solve a complex of existing problems, among which are legalization, control and compliance with the rules for buying and selling land. In fact, these processes are already taking place, but uncontrollably. Rational use of Ukraine's land resources is possible only with effective state land and general agrarian policy.