• Oksana Hordei
  • Maryna Riabokin
  • Yevgen Kotukh
  • Olena Novytska
  • Oleksiy Bluma


information and program complex «Local budget», program-target method, united territorial community, financial security, budget program


The program-target method of the budget process made it possible to improve the mechanism of social and economic development, in particular, of communities and the country's society as a whole. This method has been used in the budget process of united territorial communities since 2017. Management of account balances is an integral part of the daily analysis of the implementation of the expenditure part of budgets and control over the implementation of budget programs. The introduction of automation of the budget process allowed for improving the balance management process. Features of software-based allocation balance management are considered. The importance and advantages of the information and program complex «Local budget» are described. Its capabilities during monitoring of allocation balances and the relationship with the «Logica» software are characterized. The positive impact of automation of the budget process at the local level is shown. Despite modern automation tools, the process of managing the balance is important. Therefore, algorithms for the analytical assessment of balances on local budget accounts are proposed. The mechanism for submitting reports on appropriation balances has been defined following the current legislation. The algorithm for the use of software capabilities during the assessment of daily and monthly balances of allocations and other financial resources on the accounts of united territorial communities and balances at the end of the year was studied. Three ways of forming an analytical form, which calculates the balance of allocations on the accounts of united territorial communities monthly, are considered. Namely, it is possible to build three analytical forms, when the information will be displayed: at the end of the month; with a cumulative total at the end of the month; with a running total for the current month and subsequent periods, and a refined plan. It was demonstrated that as a result of the automation of the budget process, in particular, it became possible to use the information on the execution of expenditures for the construction of analytical reporting using the data of budget requests (indicators of payables and receivables), planned and cash expenditures, reporting on the target tasks of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine (information on the state of social benefits, etc.), availability and distribution of free balance on accounts. The advantages of the «Local Budget» software for improving the process of managing balances on community accounts are substantiated.