• Kateryna Shulga
  • Yevhen Shulga


transnational bank, globalization, international banking system, banks with foreign capital


In the current stage of international economic relations and the global economy, globalization and transnationalization are key processes present in all areas of the economy, including the banking system. Transnational banks play an important role in international economic relationships by acting as intermediaries on the financial market. Thus, their role is growing in the condition of further development of the globalization process. Transnational banks are spreading all over the world due to the increase in demand for banking operations and the rapid growth of the international capital market, creating branch systems in foreign financial markets by connecting with the banking capital of various states.
Although domestic and foreign scientists have covered studies on the impact of the activities of transnational banks in the conditions of globalization of the world economy, some issues related to the effectiveness of the activities of transnational banks and the regulation of TNBs require further consideration. The object of the research is the largest transnational banks in the world, while the subject of the research is the activity of the largest transnational banks in the situation of transnationalization and globalization processes' development.
The article aims to examine the concept of a transnational bank as a subject of the international banking system, determine the impact of the presence of a transnational bank on the country's economy in the context of globalization, and analyze the impact of the activities of transnational banks and banks with foreign capital on the banking system of Ukraine. The main research methods used are the statistical method, synthesis method, system-structural method, and generally philosophical method.
The research results analyze the positive and negative effects of TNB activities, define the consequences of the influx of foreign capital, and identify situations where it is worth restraining the activities of transnational banks and where, on the other hand, it is worth encouraging the placement of branches of transnational banks in the country.