• Аnna Kniazevych
  • Alexander Kraychuk
  • Lidiya Dyachenko
Keywords: innovative production, innovation infrastructure, technology parks, technopolises, business incubators


The global market in the process of developing international economic relations is deepening and expanding, gradually gaining new features and features. In particular, the economic interdependence of countries is increasingly evident as a result of the growing volume and diversity of transport movements of goods, services, capital and labor.

The purpose of the article is to study the leading experience of forming and activating the activity of techno-park structures of different countries of the world, its classification according to the models of implementation and identification of the possibilities of using this experience in Ukrainian realities.

The processes of formation and development of innovation infrastructure in the world economy are explored in the examples of the USA, countries of Western Europe and, in particular, Bulgaria, which showed the effectiveness of influence of the creation of scientific parks, technoparks, technopolises, innovative clusters, business incubators.

In the modern business environment, the efficiency of the processes of softization, new knowledge, scientific ideas are becoming the driving force, the resource of innovation production in the knowledge economy. Organizations of innovation service create specialized services markets and together with state institutions responsible for innovation policy, they form part of the national innovation system and make up the country's innovation infrastructure. Globalization of markets and intensification of the competitive struggle on them cause the formation of innovation processes, innovation production as the only, scientifically grounded direction for the further development of the world economy. As experience shows, the formation and development of an innovation-oriented economy is impossible without the construction of the appropriate infrastructure.