• Ali Elshaafi
Keywords: health care system, hospital, innovative technologies, bed fund, economic indicators


The article shows that the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st were marked with a rapid improvement in the health of people on Earth through the use of advanced methods of recovery, treatment, and disease prevention. The necessity of improving the health care system in Ukraine as well as in the whole world is proved. Ukrainian health facilities are now trying to improve the means of treating and preventing illness. The example of the municipal enterprise "Rivne Regional Clinical Hospital" of the Rivne Region Council is presented. The author provides the information on the innovative technologies development in the hospital. For example, the Center for laparoscopic and non-invasive surgical interventions in the Rivne Hospital is equipped with mini-automatic telephone exchange in order to improve the working conditions of medical personnel. There is a system of video surveillance with infrared emitters, which allows the nurse from the workplace to monitor the postoperative patients around the clock. The Department of Cardiovascular Surgery is provided with the equipment of the planned urgent operation with X-ray operation, equipped with surgical cardiomonitor UM-300 and Ukar's electrocardiograf,by Utas the generic complex Advanttex by General Electric (with vascular and cardiological parameters). With these newest implementations, the numerical results of the hospital are improved.
The bed fund and its use are presented. The hospital's capacity has increased. Optimization of the institution's functioning allowed to reduce the burden on the bed fund. The work of doctors in the clinic (out-patient department), clinic, counseling shows a tendency to reduce the number of visits to doctors. This also applies to visits with preventive intent. The same trend is observed for rural residents. The hospital is actively conducting a survey of patients. One of the most important surveys is X-ray examination. The number of such surveys over the years has a stochastic nature. The economic indicators of the institution's activity are analyzed. Assignments for the development of a medical institution are increasing annually, and this increase in the period from 2010 to 2017 is almost 2.5 times. Recommendations on improving the institution's functioning on the principles of innovations implementation are given.