• Nataliya Kondratenko
  • Larysa Obolontseva
Keywords: assessment, level, methodological approach, competitiveness, hotel industry, region


The article proposes a methodical approach to assessing the level of competitiveness of the hotel industry in the region determining the integral indicator of the hotel services competitiveness by consumer satisfaction groups. It has been established that the development of tourism and hospitality is today an important factor for the development of regional economic systems. The hotel industry sector is by far the most popular and dynamic sector of the Ukrainian economy, capable of producing real profits. It was noted that in the recent period the strategy and tactics of the hotel industry development in the regions of Ukraine have changed significantly. Analysis of professional domestic and foreign literature has shown that existing methodological approaches to assessing the competitiveness of the hotel industry in the regions of the country do not give an idea of ​​the current state and trends of its development and require systematization and improvement. It was also noted that the assessment of the hotel industry competitiveness level in the region can be done applying an integral indicator, which determines the degree of the hotel enterprises attractiveness in the region for consumers of services. It was determined that the factors affecting its competitiveness are divided into external (exogenous) and internal (endogenous) in relation to the hotel enterprise. In turn, internal factors are divided into three groups: factors that characterize the hotel enterprise; factors that characterize a hotel service; factors that characterize the quality of customer service. Internal factors, of course, have a huge impact on the hotel enterprise’s competitiveness level, since they shape its profitability and efficiency of financial and economic activities. Attention was drawn to the fact that the economic content of the integral indicator of hotel industry competitiveness in the region proves that analyzing and assessing the competitiveness of hotel services should be guided by meeting the needs of consumers and the overall indicators of assessing the competitiveness of hotel services. It is concluded that the proposed methodological approach to assessing the level of competitiveness of a hotel in a region allows to determine both the level of of an individual enterprise competitiveness with respect to other enterprises, and can be applied while assessing the level of hotel industry competitiveness of the region in comparison to another region.