• Natalia Danyliuk


IT company, virtual organizational structure, marketing communication tools, Internet marketing, HR marketing


The article attracts attention to a fairly common type of organizational structure of management, which is a virtual organization, due to the digitalization of the economy and the functioning of a significant number of enterprises in virtual space. The implementation of a virtual organizational structure promotes better interaction of structural units of IT company, as well as provides prompt management decisions both within the organization and outside. This allows the organization to respond in a timely manner to changes in a dynamic market environment and, thus, better interact with counterparties in communication channels and marketing channels in general. The article highlights the issue of building a virtual organizational management structure in IT company, given that the organization can be considered as a set of hardware and software and technological, marketing and management components that are interconnected. The importance of the company’s interaction virtualization with other elements of its internal and external environment has been updated. In this regard, the virtual structure of the organization is considered as a complex concept that combines marketing, including communication, and management aspects, and HR-management is considered as a component of management. The article presents a comparative description of marketing communication tools for real and virtual organization, as well as focuses on the importance and place of HR-marketing in the system of virtual organization, taking into account its marketing and management aspects. In particular, the difference between Internet marketing as a tool of marketing communications and marketing in Internet has been determined, which reveals the essence of the organization’s use of traditional marketing tools using the Internet. The role of HR-marketing as an activity aimed at improving the company’s position in the labor market has been highlighted and the relationship of this category as an activity with the management and marketing elements of a virtual organization has been identified.