• Myroslava Khutorna


insurance company, market approach to management, resource approach to management, system of mutually beneficial relationships, customer value, relationship marketing, insurance service, profitability of an insurance company.


Introduction. In the conditions of rapid digitalization of almost all spheres of social life, insurance companies are trying to rebuild their management to meet the requirements of the modern world. In particular, insurers actively use modern, innovative methods of attracting and retaining customers with the aim of forming an effective system of mutually beneficial relations.
Each insurance company uses a variety of approaches to build mutually beneficial relationships with customers, with an emphasis on both initial customer acquisition and retention and maintaining high customer loyalty. The main goal of companies is usually to make a profit, with the only difference that it is not a one-time profit, but a sustainable profit over prolonged period.
The purpose. The purpose of the article is to develop approaches to the formation of mutually beneficial relations with clients of insurance companies in order to maintain consumer value and identify the main business processes that ensure the success of the insurance company's operation.
Results. The article considers approaches to the management of insurance companies and substantiates the need to integrate market and resource approaches, which allows insurance companies to identify individual customer profiles, attract the necessary resources and transform established business processes in accordance with consumer requests and market requirements. At the same time, the core of this management concept is the value of the client and the relationship with him. The paper presents the main components of insurance company value formation. It has been proven that the construction of mutually beneficial relations with clients is a systematic process of formation, development and maintenance of valuable relationships, or in other words, interactive and mutually beneficial processes between the insurance company and the consumer with a focus on multiple transactions. The main economic arguments in terms of constructing mutually beneficial relations with clients include: easier retention of existing clients than attracting new ones; the ability to obtain higher profits under the condition of maintaining loyal customers due to the formation of potential long-term benefits. It is substantiated that the construction of mutually beneficial relations with customers should be formed according to a systemic approach and presented as the construction of a complete system consisting of market, organizational and financial elements.
Conclusions. In order to build mutually beneficial relations between the insurer and the insured, the insurance company should focus its attention on the following key aspects: effective management; optimal pricing; rational underwriting, which should be aimed at assessing those risks that are not amenable to the automatic assessment process; helping agents assess complex and unique risks; analysis of the insurance portfolio from the standpoint of identifying unsatisfactory results and areas of risk concentration; ensuring competitive customer service; formation of the company's image, starting from the company's WEB site and ending with communication with various stakeholders; improvement of insurance products in accordance with market requirements and on the basis of cooperation with technological companies.