• Kateryna Koliedina


innovation; marketing of innovations; industry; innovative activity; market


To overcome the global and national challenges, that arose beyond Ukraine in view of the modern technologies level increase in the world as well as due to the activation of European integration processes in the country, the accelerated economic breakthrough is required and the innovation has a high profile in securing thereof. Creation of breakthrough innovations with further effective use and dissemination is rather relevant for the industry since the latter is a key element of the strategy for economic development of Ukraine. Therefore the domestic industrial enterprises need research of new ways for increasing the innovative activity. One of such ways is expansion of applying the new marketing principles and technologies which are laid in the basis of marketing of innovations concept.
The purpose and task of the research is to specify the essence and the content of terms “innovation” and “marketing of innovations”, research and analyze the level of innovative activity of industrial enterprises of Ukraine as well as highlihting the problems for which the marketing of innovations may be a solution. To reach the goals determined in the article the system-structural analysis (for studying and generalization of approaches to determining the innovations and marketing of innovations), economic and mathematic statistics (for processing and analysing of output data, revealing the tendencies and consistent patterns of the effectiveness of studied indexes) are used.
The modern approaches to innovations marketing interpretation are analysed in the article. It is established that the industry is the generator of scientific and technological progress and innovations. The condition of industrial enterprises innovative activity is researched. The important role of applying the innovations marketing in industry of Ukraine is proved.
Analysis and systematization of approaches for determining the definition “marketing of innovations” conducted in the article provided the possibility to deepen the understanding of the essence and content thereof as well as to separate the complex of tasks resolving which may guarantee the way of innovative development for the industrial enterprises of Ukraine and correspondingly the increase of competitiveness, strengthening of market positions and securing the future.