• Valentyna Dobrochynska


Western Ukraine, Soviet power, the Ostroh pedagogical school, teacher, student, vocational education, school, communist ideology


Based on the study of new documentary sources, the Soviet practice of teacher training in the Ostroh pedagogical school from the time of its creation and until the reorganization of the institution has been comprehensively considered. The functioning of a vocational school during the two periods of the Soviet regime, separated by the German-Soviet war and the establishment of the Nazi occupation power on Ukrainian territories, has been analyzed. In the first, against the background of socio-political transformations since the accession of Western Ukrainian lands to the USSR, the reorganization of the educational sector on the Soviet model has been noted and the emphasis has been made on directives and tasks of the party leadership concerning the establishing of pedagogical schools to train teachers from the local population. The peculiarities of the system of teaching and introduction of communist education in the pedagogical school at the initial stage of Sovietization of the region have been clarified.
The second, longer period of activity of the Ostroh Pedagogical School is characterized by the resumption of the educational process in the postwar years, the rise of the Soviet government after the victorious end of World War II and the continuation of the course of socialist transformation in Western Ukraine. The analysis of statistical information helped to reproduce the dynamics of the number of teachers and students, as well as to determine their national and social composition. The organizational principles and content of professional and educational training of teachers in the postwar years have been highlighted. The attention is paid to the methods and forms of ideological treatment of student youth, among which the atheism, the activities of the Komsomol organization, conducting various events on communist propaganda work have been distinguished. These factors in Soviet practice determined the basic principles of the educational process in professional training of primary school teachers.