• Iryna Skakalska


Public History, Semen Zhuk, public and political activity, Kremenets, popularization of history, society


The article analyzes the role of public discourse regarding the promotion of the name of Semen Zhuk. This will help to find out, firstly, how the use of Public History will contribute to the popularization of its activities. Secondly, what influence does public history have on society, using the example of spreading information about Semen Zhuk. In particular, through online communications, museum exhibitions, public lectures for a wide audience. Thirdly, S. Zhuk was destroyed by the Bolsheviks, like thousands of modern Ukrainians, and his name was forgotten for a long time. We should popularize our past with the tools of public history.
The author set herself the goal of reconstructing the biography of Semen Zhuk by constructing the communication of the actor with modern society using the means of Public History.
Research methods: generalizing, interactive, empirical, system-structural. As part of Public History, Semyon Zhuk's biography appears in a different format and is intended for public perception. Because academic texts published in scientific journals, conference proceedings, and monographs are read by professional historians or interested persons. Thus, understanding Semyon Zhuk's biography in the public space with the involvement of professional historians and representatives from outside academic history is an important step for popularizing his name. Historical science should focus more on the demands of society.