• Tetiana Yushchuk


Theodor Mackiw, conference, magazine, UAAS, UAAUP, UHS, SSS


The article describes the critical directions of the scientific and organizational activity of Theodor Mackiw (1918–2011), a well–known Ukrainian historian who worked in the conditions of foreign (diasporic) Ukrainian historiography. A personal contribution to the organization and holding of scientific publications, congresses, conferences, and events devoted to the study of the history of Ukraine was determined.
It was determined that one of the key areas of scientific and organizational activity of T. Maсkiw was his work as a member of the editorial board of «Ukrainian Historian» in the Ukrainian Historical Society, he was responsible for publications on the history of the Cossacks of the 17–18 centuries and Ukrainian–Polish relations. He was an active participant in most scientific events and their co–organizer, organized not only by the UHS independently, but also in cooperation with other Ukrainian diaspora societies and organizations.
His active participation in various scientific activities and the establishment of interpersonal relationships between researchers positively impacted the results of the work of the UHS and other organizations of which he was a member. Despite the active organizational activity at the UHS, the historian supported the holding of joint congresses to establish connections between various scientific institutions.
While teaching and working on scientific research, Professor T. Mackiw decently represented Ukrainian historical science abroad, paid a lot of attention to public and public–scientific work, and tried to spread knowledge of the history and culture of Ukraine not only at scientific forums, in particular, he organized an evening of Ukrainian music in Seton Hall University, published popular science articles in the press, hosted Ukrainian studies programs on the radio. The scientist helped Ukrainian dissidents.
T. Mackiw participated in the most representative forum of the world–historical science–the International Congresses of Historical Sciences in the post–war period. Participation in four congresses is evidence of a high level of awareness and purposefulness. The historian communicated and expressed his thoughts on various historical topics, becoming a part of world historical science, and bringing Ukrainian historiography to the international level.